A collaboration tool for music: sync projects 10x faster than Dropbox
Client: Self-led
Technology: Objective-C, Django, Python, Heroku, S3
Date: Feb 2014 - Ongoing

Mixim is a collaboration tool for music.

Mixim works with the tool musicians already use—Logic Pro—and super-charges file transfer with smart file compression and synchronisation.

The result is that projects sync 10x faster than Dropbox, meaning that musicians can get to work much quicker - retaining the creative momentum that’s crucial to collaboration.

Musicians working with Mixim are able to work together, on the same track, from different locations faster than ever before.

Mixim was originally funded by a Technology Strategy Board R&D grant which allowed us to build the proxy media synchronisation technology that powers Mixim.

Mixim is launching a public alpha soon - get in touch if you’d like to get access!